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“Let’s bring that trophy home”- Leicester City star Wilfred Ndidi sends cute message to Super Eagles ahead of AFCON final against Cote d’Ivoire


Wilfred Ndidi, the highly esteemed midfielder from Leicester City, has transmitted a deeply heartfelt message to his esteemed Super Eagles comrades as they stand on the brink of the eagerly anticipated 2023 Africa Cup of Nations final showdown against formidable opponents, Nigeria, as reported by Soccernet.ng.

Set to unfold in the illustrious confines of the Stade Alassane Ouattara, the Super Eagles are primed and ready to stake their claim for a remarkable fourth AFCON title, locked in a fierce battle against none other than the formidable hosts, Cote d’Ivoire, who undeniably boast an array of formidable talents.

In the lead-up to this climactic encounter, Ndidi, a veritable linchpin within Nigeria's midfield ranks, was destined to occupy a pivotal role in the final squad, having garnered a coveted berth within the initial 25-man roster for the AFCON. However, fate dealt a cruel blow as an untimely injury forced him to watch from the sidelines, thus rendering him unable to partake in the fray. Nevertheless, the void left by Ndidi's absence was admirably filled by the capable Antwerp star, Alhassan Yusuf, whose commendable performances have since earned him rightful praise and acclaim.

Despite the anguish of his enforced absence from the pitch, Ndidi has extended a poignant and resoundingly uplifting missive to his fellow teammates in anticipation of the looming final showdown.

"Though I may not stride onto the hallowed turf alongside my brothers, let it be known that my heart beats in unison with theirs as they prepare to grace the AFCON final tonight," Ndidi fervently inscribed. "I dispatch to them all my unwavering support and heartfelt wishes. Let us unite in our quest to bring that coveted trophy home! Good luck, my brothers!"

As the Elephants stand poised, fortified by the invaluable advantages of home turf and a resolute mindset forged through a succession of hard-fought battles en route to the final, they undoubtedly present a formidable challenge that cannot be underestimated. Yet, amidst these daunting odds, Nigeria has emerged as a beacon of resilience and unyielding determination, showcasing steady progress and unwavering resolve throughout the tournament, notwithstanding the lingering specter of fatigue that looms ominously on the horizon. As the clock ticks inexorably closer towards kick-off, the air crackles with palpable anticipation, setting the stage for an enthralling spectacle that promises to captivate the hearts and minds of football enthusiasts worldwide